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About Us

A new generation of water coolers to suit every office and work place.

The Well Water provides water and unique first generation water coolers. No more big bottles around the office, which require considerable effort to replace. No more sanitation required.

The Well's sealed water-in -box system has a number of advantages over bottled water:

Save Spave
Save Environment
Avoid Contamination
BPA Free
Perfect Water
Cool Coolers

In fact, in every comparison, against every metric, The Well, is well, better.

Even our stylish next generation water-coolers have the edge, offering built in storage for boxes, so out of sight out of mind.

We’re 70% water. Our personal bio-systems need topping up every day. How we do it, what we put in our bodies can have long term implications for how we feel, our well-being.

It’s time to look after your water. In so doing you look after yourself.

Welcome to The Well.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence