About Us

Sanctum Networks is a pioneering solutions provider of high performance network programmability solutions and applications for Software-Defined Networks (SDN).
Our flagship product, “Jupiter” is a semantically designed SDN-based centralized network orchestration and controller platform, built specifically to understand the affinities that exist between Data Centre / Enterprise resources. Jupiter’s highly accelerated traffic plane, running over a powerful, low power TileGX multi-core processor, ensures delivery of the processing power required to deliver truly scalable SDN and NFV deployments. The solution is delivered on Linux and an indigenously developed Network OS based on the NetBSD OS architecture.
Jupiter also extends to application developers a fully evolved SDK that allows network programmability without the need to understand the underlying network topology constructs and protocols.
Sanctum Networks is currently headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with its main engineering and R&D operations in Bangalore India and has an established presence in Japan and the US.


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence