About Us

As the TV industry is disrupted by newer technologies, MediaCon brings together traditional broadcasters and new publishers to examine the future of television. The event will feature talks on new digital platforms, new methods of funding for projects and formats and the latest ideas from some truly talented creative minds.

Produced in partnership with RTÉ, the BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland), SPI (Screen Producers Ireland) and the IFB (Irish Film Board), the event will feature talks on new digital platforms, new methods of funding for projects and formats, international production and distribution strategies and the latest innovations from the cutting edge of creative technology.

MediaCon is the first International TV\Tech Gathering to take place in Ireland on September 8th in the Mansion House,Dublin.

TV Format Fund and Daniel Ravner, formerly Armoza Formats, will be speaking at this giving valuable insights into trends, what they are actively investing in and how to make money online.

Other speakers include:

Paul McGrath, CBC
Tony DiSanto, DiGa Vision, Formerly MTV executive
Sean Boyle, Discovery Channel, Formerly VH1
Chris Williams, Maker Studios, Formerly Disney online originals
AnneMarie Tomchak, BBC Trending, BBC World News
Damon Berger, Fullscreen, Formerly 20th Century Fox
Sumi Connock, ITV Studios, Formerly MTV UK
Dermot McCormack, AOL, Formerly Viacom
Rune Moklebust, NRK
Alex Connock, Shine North
Colman Hutchinson, BOXATRICKS, Creator ”Who wants to be a millionaire”
Paul Quigley, Newswhip
Claire Mchugh, Axonista

"Format Factory" takes place on September 9th as part of MediaCon and will line up one to one meetings with TV Format Fund from Tel Aviv in Israel. TV Format Fund is interested in meeting MediaCon delegates with Formats that are ready for development and investment. They currently have $55 million to invest in content and formats.

RTE will also be at Format Factory.


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